Corfu Villa

This self-catering guesthouse with two separate house villas, “Elia” & “Liotrivi”, is located in Arillas and surrounded by an old olive grove – “Elaiona”. A proudly cherished property which we believe can make your holidays unforgettable. Situated 1.5 km from the beach the two villas are new renovated and furnished to a high standard.

“Elia Corfu Villa”

named by the greek word – ελιά – (olive tree), which is from the ancient years symbol of peace and serenity, but also symbol of wisdom and victory and that was the reason it was given as a prize to the Olympic Games winners. Νowadays Corfu is characterized by its fertile olive groves.

“Liotrivi Corfu Villa”

named by the greek word – λιοτρίβι – (oil mill), a big, round rock used for mashing the olives in order for the olive oil to be produced. This type of oil mills were found in Minoan Crete archaeological excavations and they are estimated to be over 4000 years old.

The guesthouse further offers a big walled garden for kids to play and ample parking. Also does each house villa have a spacious furnished balcony to enjoy the morning sun and the view over the olive grove towards the sea. Elaionas Guesthouse is the perfect choice for those who seek convenience, privacy and relaxing environment for their holidays.